Shop Manager

Vacancy description

Job title: Shop Manager
Salary: $1500-2000 monthly (% of all Sales)
Position grade: Contract 6 months on, 2 months off
Manager title: Head Sales Director

Additional information

Essential function: - Motivate and coach a sales team of 20 + people to achieve/exceed sales and promotional targets. - Create and execute plans to drive sales. - Deliver an outstanding guest experience. - Promote high quality retailing standards. - Maintain excellent visual merchandising standards with high-converting displays; optimize retail sales space for maximum revenue. - Train and coach sales team – product knowledge, selling techniques, asset protection and guest service. - Manage inventory with an emphasis on asset protection. - Analyze and report sales and talent data to corporate office


- 3-5 years retail management experience (need proves of success in management capacity)

- Leadership via sales tactics and elevated standards of effective team training through motivation - Financial Analytics through KPIs

- College degree preferred but not mandatory

- Ability to work in fast paced environment with outstanding verbal, written communication skills to gift shop team and shipboard leadership

- Excellent customer service, product knowledge, and team organization within the overall business needs and guest satisfaction in stressful situations. As well as understanding of promotional planner and staff schedule with revenue opportunities. Providing unique shopping experience while understanding guest needs and emotions

- Strong PC skills with Microsoft products (email, Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet)


(4012) 35-27-40
г. Калининград, ул. Сержанта
Колоскова, 2А, офис 17

график работы:

пн-пт9:00 - 18:00

СБ, всвыходной

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