Sales Assistant

Vacancy description

Job title: Sales Assistant
Salary: $500 monthly basic + % of all Sales = up to $1500 per month
Position grade: Contract 6 months on, 2 months off / double cabin
Manager title: Shop Manager / Assistant Shop Manager

Additional information

Position summary: Sales Assistants play a big part in ensuring the cruise shops meet sales targets, not least by providing the customers with an outstanding level of customer service – which means identifying their needs and responding to them quickly. We are looking for outstanding individuals with superior customer service skills.

Essential function: This role involves: Putting the customer first, providing great customer service. Lots of initiative and helpful, flexible approach. Working on tills accurately and efficiently, to provide a positive customer service experience. Maintaining the visual merchandising standards of the store. Making the shop space your own and taking pride in your working environment.


* A retail background in Duty Free Retail's core product categories is preferred but not essential

* All colleagues are required to be aged 21-35, physically fit & nice looking.

*Be able to speak fluent English & the second one: Russian, German, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Corean, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian.


(4012) 35-27-40
г. Калининград, ул. Сержанта
Колоскова, 2А, офис 17

график работы:

пн-пт9:00 - 18:00

СБ, всвыходной

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