Demi Chef de Partie

Vacancy description

Job title: Demi Chef de Partie
Salary: 1000$ per month

Department/ Division: Galley

Position grade: Marlin’s test at the minimum score of 80%

Manager title: Chef de Partie

Additional information

Position summary: Performs basic cooking functions within all galleys on board, which involves buffet preparation and plate presentation in banquet and a la carte style. Maintains the line’s high culinary standard.
Essential function: * Participates on food preparation and presentation during meal hours. * Follows proper procedures when recycling food from over production. * Maintains timely preparation, food finishing and garnishing of menu items, including buffet preparation. * Ensure that yield and portion control measurements are followed as per company standards. * Setting-up of breakfast, luncheon, and dinner service lines and to ensure that menu items are re-supplied as deemed necessary. * Reports defective galley equipment so that food production and food service is not interrupted.
Description: Job Requirements: * Knowledge of basic preparation, presentation and preservation of food * Basic knowledge of Public Health and Sanitation regulations and procedures * Formal certificate in food management from a recognized International culinary institution * Basic command of English language * Ability to train and motivate subordinates * Ability to organize and complete work in accordance to deadlines


(4012) 35-27-40
г. Калининград, ул. Сержанта
Колоскова, 2А, офис 17

график работы:

пн-пт9:00 - 18:00

СБ, всвыходной

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